Olaf Grimkowski

Ascension, Cape Verde, Azores


team bonze peak sportfishing

Captain Olaf Grimkowski aka Grimmel has to be one of the most experienced big blue marlin captains around. Starting his career in Ghana chasing true giant blue marlin Olaf has continued to travel the world and follow these fish in the best locations on the planet. He’s on a continual year round fishing odyssey!! In fact Olaf fishes so much and is so successful I decided to name the Bonze Grimmel after him!!

Given that Olaf has captured countless blue marlin over 500lbs and a few truly huge monsters of the deep, it came as no surprise to learn Olaf used the Bonze Mongrel Dog to catch and release an estimated 1100lb blue off Ascension Island in February 2012. There are very few captains around that have seen what Olaf has. The team here at Bonze Lures is very excited to have Olaf as part of our family.

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