This is a teaser that is definitely stealing everyone’s thunder. We named this lure after Dave Chambers; a well-known North Carolina deckhand. This teaser is a beast weighting around 4lbs or 1.8kg. During one of its first outings in the Atlantic the Chocolate Thunder was responsible for a tournament win and we think it will raise some crazy big fish in the Pacific too. Skirted length: 600mm / 23.5”. Leader size: Run it on something very grunty!
    This chain consists of 3 large plunger lures with a large Kona faced lure attached to the back. This chain has that great erratic motion which causes a lot of excitement in the prop wash. It is also very easy to pull in, as the lures are all angle faced and once they get up on the surface slide very easily. I must admit though you need to keep your eye on this teaser as it is so effective I have had 3 ripped clean off the back of my transom!
    The Submission Teaser is made up with 9 inch squids and a soft head Submission lure connected on the back. This chain is the ultimate fish raiser when run for any kind of billfish. With its low drag this is the perfect teaser to pull from a bridge teaser reel, electric reel or just simply off a handline but be careful as this teaser will bring fish directly to it! Try one in your spread today you will not be disappointed! Available in 5 fish catching colours.

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