Our lures are designed by captain graeme 'bonze' fleet, 2x winner of the prestigious billfish foundation award (2008 & 2009)

Tackle Ratings Explained


Rated up to 15kg (30lb)


Rated from 15kg (30lb) - 24kg (50lb) and above


Rated for 37kg (80lb) and above


Rated for 60kg (130lb) and above

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Our lures are designed by Captain Graeme 'Bonze' Fleet, two-time winner of the prestigious Billfish Foundation Award (2008 and 2009). They have been tested in all the major marlin fishing destinations around the world and have produced enviable results. We are proud these lures are widely used and highly respected in elite fishing circles.

The design of every lure in the BONZE lure range has evolved from many years of research and development in New Zealand, Hawaii, Cape Verde and the Azores and under the guidance of some of the master lure-makers from around the globe.

Each lure has been painstakingly designed and carefully manufactured so it runs exactly as it should. Our lures are hand poured to a brilliant shine to give you a truly special product which is both attractive and extremely durable.

Every BONZE lure uses the latest in special UV additives in the lure resin and lure skirts to achieve optimum visibility and exposure to pelagic game fish.

I am proud to put my name to each and every lure in our range.

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